Monday, June 20, 2011

Triathlon Tale

Isaac participated in his second triathlon for kids this past weekend.  You'll find photos and story here.

The waves of racers start with the oldest kids (13-15 year olds) and finishes with the 5-6 year old group.  Who can watch small riders pedaling out onto the bike course with training wheels and not smile?

After 5 or 6 of the training wheel riders had passed me, I turned back to see 2 more boys with training wheels, separated by at least 40 feet and going almost exactly the same speed.  The second boy remembered the "bike passing etiquette" instructions they'd all been given at the start of the race and called out loudly "PASSING ON YOUR LEFT!"

What good manners...what self-confidence...what total mis-judgement of one's relative speed!

He tried so hard to overtake the rider ahead of him that he took the turn too fast for his training wheels and balance and he lost it.....but quickly hopped back on and headed out.  I would love to have heard his version of the story to his parents after the race. :-)

Good times for spectators at Seminole's Tri If You Dare triathlon for kids.  A few parents get a little INTENSE in their coaching, but mostly it's kids looking like they're enjoying the challenge and the fun of competition.

   Check out The Fitness Torch for a classic runner's duel photo from this race.

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Amber said...

So fun!! I hope you share the photo of Isaac running, because I LOVE it!!!