Saturday, August 6, 2011


I love boys! 

Last weekend when we were working on the house, I heard Michelle's startled "OH, NO....boys, come back here! " holler when she discovered the boys using the 6 ft fence's top cross board to move along the back neighbor's top fence like squirrels.   I was up in the snorkel lift with David at the time, placing shingle panels on the gable, and I can tell you, they were close to the far end of the neighbor's garage along the neighbor's side fence when Michelle spotted them.  hehehe.  By the time she was able to get the camera ready to shoot they had made it back to their own back fence.

And just in case you missed the triumphant display of boyhood...

I remember a college professor sharing a "kids story" with our class to illustrate parental discernment and wisdom in reserving spankings for clear acts of direct parental disobedience, NOT for youthful exuberance or exploration.  His elementary son and daughter had been nowhere to be seen in house or yard for awhile, and when they arrived home a little later, they were all dirt and smiles, relating to mom and dad excited stories of exploring underground "tunnels" in the neighborhood.     

And I am pretty certain, from all the excitement, adrenalin-loving moments, this young'un has already displayed (see 5th photo down on this link), I'm certain he will have his own as well as shared exploits.

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Unknown said...

Go boys! Such exuberance!