Monday, March 28, 2011

Slowing Time

Even though I'd heard this since I was a child, I still marvel how much faster time seems to slip by at 55 years old, than when I was a child.  But it does seem that one good way of slowing it down is to "look for the joy" in each day, finding, noting, and deliberately holding in our minds and on our tongues and fingertips gifts from every day's moments for which to thank God.  I give thanks for:

221.  wonderful weather, perfect for painting the house,

222.  two weekends in a row,

223.  allowing us to finish painting the 2nd story trim, soffit and exterior walls moments before the sun went down Sunday night,

224.  on the last day we would have the free scaffolding

225.  bucket truck to help us reach trim higher than scaffolding

226.  bonus time with Amber and Bennett, who stayed with us while Sam was away

227.  quiet walk together and playground exploration

228.  the total surprise of heart-pounding adrenalin fear coursing through veins when I try to pull myself onto second level of scaffold without side or cross bars, setting up challenge for both weekends (I LOVED climbing trees as a kid)

229.  several more attempts to let rational thought conquer adrenalin history of unsteady balance and swaying head...adrenalin wins again and I am reminded that cilia stiffens and fluid thickens as inner ear ages

230.  bucket truck to lift me and husband to talk me through transferring my weight to the rattling "OSHA approved" cotter clipped crossbar of the second level scaffold section with handrails  (this picture blurred by bounce of bucket, but perhaps an accurate portrayal of my pounding heart?)

231.  deep breathing and eyes focused on roofline and soffit to slow my heart pump and steady my feet on planks to paint

232.  second weekend confidence gained through pulling myself up and down numerous times, body and balance adjusting to walks along double and single planks with paint pan and roller in hand

233.  daughter-in-law who refused to let her fear limit where she could work and by the end of the second weekend was readily walking on the roof and across single planks without handrails or building to hold for balance security

234.  smiles and waves from high in the bucket truck with Grandpa

235.  noisy joy of 4 cousins together, the 3 older all vying for the youngest's attention

236.  energy enough in tired body to play backyard games of lion-hunt

237.  boys learning to climb trees

238.  young boy's giggles, learning to skip

239.  osprey hovering, its forward progress halted by strong wind over lake

240.  for "almost 6" boy dashing inside, bean sprout in hand, excitement over the first growth popping through the dirt, almost more than his body can contain "Look, Grandma, the bean seed is GROWING!"

241.  osprey flying to young ones in high nest on pole, carrying mouse or mole in its talons

242.  pitter-patter plop of hard oak leaves dropping to ground in back yard

242.  3 standing and gazing at bright, bright moon

244.  apogee moon, closest full moon distance in 18 years

245.  heading to the beach for the next evening's "big show"


Amber said...

I love that you conquered your fear!!!

The bucket truck photo of the boys is so sweet.

Kindra said...

I second Amber on conquering your fear! And I love #240 - the awe of a child. I love the pictures too. The ones of the moon over the water are really incredible!