Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Gifts

holy experience

This week I give God thanks:

101.  for honey bees

102.  that have lived within our walls for more than a year 

after they first came to visit "the homestead"

103.  with their gentle nature 

104.  and their daily work

104.  of harvesting and making (in addition to pollinating plants)

105.  honey....its distinct taste.

106.  for the hope and inclination to find a skilled beekeeper

107.  willing to give instruction and move the hive to a better location in our back yard 

108. for sitting on the curb with my 3 year old grandson

109.  on a hot sun-drenched morning

110.  after he finished explaining the A/C system of the John Deere tractor (riding toy) to me

111.  listening together to the squirrels quarrel

112. and the birds sound

113.  and seeing three honey bees fall to the ground

114.  and two different butterflies dance for us.

115.  for brushes and paint

116.  for glorious color

117.  for little boys who love stories and books

118.  and moms and dads who wisely feed that hunger and stoke that fire

119.  for the satisfaction of long-distance bike rides that our sons are doing together

120.  and the physical and emotional benefits

121.  for the privilege of getting to know our sons as adults

122.  and watching our daughters in law "build" their lives, their homes, their families

123.  for the gift of music

124.  and David's pleasure in playing trombone

125.   and in the "community" that takes place in band and orchestra rehearsals and performances

126.  for "family/community dinner" nights at our house

127.  the discipline and joy of planning and preparing house and meals

128.  for the connection and conversation and deepening friendships

129.  for C.S. Lewis 

130.  and his "Chronicles of Narnia"

131.  and David's enjoyment of the same 

132.  for Leanne Payne's knowledge and perspective of the writings of Lewis

133.   and her sharing her marvelous intellect and insights with us through books and lectures

134.  for delicious conversations with good friends

135.  and paintings that make my heart sing 


Amber said...

Thank you for spending time with us last night.

I wish I would have been sitting on the curb with you listening to the A/C explanation.

JoAnna said...

Sandy, hello friend. My blog is up and running with new posts for you to feed on :)
Will chat with you soon -joAnna